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About Us

Quadloop is a social enterprise company that aims to develop solar lantern and solar home systems designed and produced with a lower environmental impact.

Our process is simply harvesting certain materials from (Post Consumer & Post Industrial)E-waste LiPo , Lithium ion batteries, also Plastic PET, PE, & PP waste.



Leverage technology always.


As a significant part of the company’s vision, Quadloop is engaged in the detection and examination of technological solutions in Nigeria and Africa, which enable streamlining and increasing the output of existing solutions. To date, the company has made several investments in the R&D of some products, which are still in the initial stages of development.

Team Members

reEvolution Leadership Team


Dozie Igweilo

CEO/Co- Founder


Nonye Okolie

COO/ Co-Founder

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Kayode Bakare

Head of Communications

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Osele Eziagbor

Head of Technology & Partnerships Lead


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vision for the future

better, Cleaner and safer energy for our planet

Quadloop is a ready to innovate ideas for a safer and cleaner environment through renewable energy and electronics in solving real life problems in Nigeria .