vision for the future

about our philosophy

At Quadloop, we believe in creating value from plastic and electronic waste. By making changes from the inside, we are keen towards a cleaner safer environment for all.



Harnessing waste creating value.


Our vision is to be the foremost made in Nigeria sustainability enterprise, aimed at tackling energy poverty in sub-Saharan Africa by utilizing electronic and plastic waste using a close loop circular economy model.

What We Build

The energy & technology we'll need for the future

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ÌDùnnú (New Product)

ÌDùnnú which allows user to charge their phone & light up their rooms, shops, hospitals & small businesses.. I’m sure you would be excited about the peace that comes with ÌDùnnú.

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Bliss Solar Lamp

Bliss Solar Lamp is an eco-friendly lamp that has a great standby power and very efficient for use in absence of electric power source


Environmental monitoring system

EMS is a great way to be cautious against gas leaks, fire outbreak and more keeping us in a safer environ


Automatic transfer switch

Manually switching between generator and power supply is always stressful, but the Automatic Transfer Switch brings comfort to your doorstep

clean tech

Investing in Solar & clean energy

A safer way to save the environment, cost and energy at once

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Cleaner energy

Solar Installation

Telecommunication Radio Base Stations

Environmental Management System

Product design & Rapid prototyping

Our solutions

eco-Friendly services & Solutions

Our Research

Renweable Energy Case Studies

Dozie Igweilo features on First Class Material Ep. 12

Technology and innovation enthusiast, Dozie Igweilo @quadloopcreate draws from challenges he has encountered to provide clean energy solution others can benefit from

The winners of the 2020 edition of the Nigeria Climate Innovation Centre’s (NCIC) Embryo Incubation Program

Quadloop is a renewable energy and electronics company aimed at using electronics to solve real life problems in Nigeria

Boosting Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship

The renewable energy sector presents opportunities for investment to small and big entrepreneurs. To this end, some empowerment outfits – Nigeria Climate Innovation Centre and

How To Use Solar To provide Nigerians’ Energy Needs -Igwilo

Igwilo Chigozie is the founder and CEO of Quadloop Creations, a company that manufactures solar powered lamps and other devices. 

Customer's Testimonials

Imparting Lives with clean energy

vision for the future

better, Cleaner and safer energy for our planet

Quadloop is a ready to innovate ideas for a safer and cleaner environment through renewable energy and electronics in solving real life problems in Nigeria .